Enjoy Everything You've Been Looking for in a Jeep Wrangler

Trying to find a great new vehicle? The Jeep Wrangler could be the best car for you. It comes with a variety of perks you won't want to miss, including a fantastic interior that's quite unbeatable when compared to other vehicles.

Get the most out of your new Jeep with its steering wheel mounted audio controls, lockable center console, and premium instrument cluster. 

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Power, Performance, and Technology in the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is equipped with all of the features needed to handle any road conditions, dry, wet, or snowy. Whether you need to tow a camper for weekend trips or want to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds, the Grand Cherokee has you covered.

The Grand Cherokee is equipped with a Selec-Track system that has five different drive modes ranging from auto to snow to tow. 

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Take a Closer Look at the New Dodge Challenger

Dodge is well known for their muscle cars. However, there was a period of almost 3 decades where the classics we know and love, like the Dodge Challenger, were not being produced. After the oil and gas crisis in 1973 many automakers switched to making smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. While gas prices eventually stabilized it was not until 2005 that we saw a resurgence in the muscle car market.

Simply put, the performance of the Dodge Challenger is dependent on the level of trim the buyer chooses. Far from being a single purpose vehicle platform, the Challenger offers performance...

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Get Yourself into a Brand-New Ram 3500

There are few things more important than a good reputation. The Ram brand of trucks has worked for decades to build their reputation as a long lasting, stylish and utilitarian pickup truck. The Ram 3500 represents the crescendo of that line of pickups. The 3500 is the biggest and boldest production pickup manufactured by Dodge and the vehicle has plenty of admirers.

An integral part of why the 3500 is so popular is the steel like durability of the truck. The assembly process, materials, and design of this vehicle all add up to make this one of the highest rated…

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Amazing List of Jeep Wrangler JK Interior Features

If you are wondering why the new Jeep Wrangler JK has been getting a lot of attention lately, this little SUV has an impressive list of interior features you'll need to see to believe.

Imagine taking your Jeep Wrangler JK deep into the woods where the mud holes are several feet deep. The Jeep Wrangler JK has a wash-out feature that enables the driver to remove the carpeting and hose down the floors, as water simply goes right down the drain hole in the floors. In short order, the inside will look like new again.

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Extend your Drive in the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

When you want to spend more time on the road than at a fuel stop, the Chrysler meets your desire with advanced technology. It delivers a total driving range of 566 miles with an EPA-estimated 84 MPGe. Rely only on electric power, and you can go as far as 33 miles on one range.

You’ll feel more confident on the highway with a host of protective features. Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning-Plus helps you avoid accidents by alerting you to a collision with a vehicle in front of you. It can even apply Automated Emergency Braking to minimize injuries or…

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What kind of fuel mileage can you get in a Ram 1500?

Fuel efficiency is a critical factor in a world of increased fuel prices. The 2018 Ram 1500 has three different engines with three different fuel economy ratings. As usual, the engines that produce the least power get the best fuel mileage while increased power costs at the pump.

The 3.6-Liter V-6 engine is the standard engine for the 2018 Ram 1500. Generating 305-horsepower and 269 lb.-ft. torque this engine gets 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg highway. The more powerful 5.7-Liter V-8 HEMI engine sacrifices some fuel economy for the extra power generated. It uses…

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The Dodge Charger Offers Performance Features to Improve Your Driving Experience

When you climb into a car, you want that car to be set up with all of the power that you need from it and with features that will make it fun to drive. The Dodge Charger is a popular performance sedan with many performance features to offer.

The Dodge Charger has an All-Speed Traction Control system that helps you stay in control of your vehicle in all situations and stay safe when on the road. The Dodge Charger also gives you customize your vehicle and the way that it drives by picking a suspension system that is right for…

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Benefits of Owning a Chrysler 300

A popular luxury full-size sedan, the Chrysler 300 offers a combination of power and handling that are difficult to find with other vehicles. It offers a fuel saver mode that will disengage four of the vehicle's eight cylinders when there isn't a need for maximum power. This feature generally engages while cruising on the highway or while you are driving at slow speeds.

An all-wheel drive (AWD) system that adapts to various road conditions can improve handling and traction wherever you happen to be driving. 

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Impressive Dodge Durango Features

One of the reasons the new Dodge Durango is a popular three-row SUV this year is due to its impressive performance features. For those drivers who like to be able to control the power of their vehicle, the Dodge Durango does not disappoint. This SUV has an eight-speed automatic transmission that not only has smoother shifting and acceleration, the T-shifter adds style to the interior. Those who like to control the shifting will enjoy the paddle shifters on the steering wheel, giving precise control to the transmission.


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