Owned and run by Chrysler, Mopar provides added warranty coverage to vehicle owners. A Chrysler owner may find purchasing extended coverage valuable, as problems could sometimes arise unexpectedly. Would it not be best to have the most reliable coverage in place when something goes wrong? A Mopar contract could provide a potential solution, depending on the necessary repairs.

Mopar provides two primary levels of coverage. One contract covers 5,000 components and the other 800. Not every vehicle requires maximum coverage, but many do. So, think carefully when choosing between the two top vehicle protection options.

Mopar also provides gap coverage and is available for leased vehicles. If you drive a covered make, such as Chrysler, Ram, and more, then consider it worthwhile to look at the Mopar protection plans. The packed features available with coverage might lead to saving money.

Starkville, MS drivers might find Mopar deals valuable. At Parker McGill Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we’d like to help shoppers choose a plan.

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