How to Jump Start Another Car

Is your car battery dead? Perhaps you can bring it back to life using a jump start. This process refers to jump-starting your car with a set of jumper cables. Most cars have a set of these included with their spare tire and other helpful tools, but they are also easy to find online or at auto parts stores. Most car batteries last for up to five years, but if you have noticed your lights flickering or a slow start, your battery may be ready to bite the dust soon.

All you need to jump-start your car is a set of jumper cables and another car with a working battery. You will connect the jumper cables to the battery terminals according to the positive and negative terminals. Jumper cables have red and black clips on both ends. On one end, you will connect the red clips to the positive battery terminal and the black clip to the negative terminal. It’s important that you place your car in park and shut off the ignition before attempting to jump-start any vehicle.

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