The New Dodge Durango Aims to Impress

When looking at the mid-size SUV lineup, there is one vehicle that stands out from the rest. That vehicle is the new Dodge Durango. The Durango has been a long time favorite for drivers in this class. Yet, the new model comes with features that will impress everyone on the road.

The Brass Monkey appearance package is more than just a funny name. This package is focused on a shiny, new look. The gloss paint, badges and grille make the Durango a welcomed sight on the highway. The 20-inch bronze rims keep this model true to its moniker. It also has black headlight bezels to finish off its unique appearance.

If you appreciate black trim, go for the Blacktop package. This package truly distinguishes the Durango from other SUVs. It comes complete with body-colored moldings, gloss black trim and gloss black 20-inch rims. This model definitely makes a statement.

See how you'll look in a new Dodge Durango. Contact Parker-McGill Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Starkville, MS for a chance to try one out on the road.

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