Access to the Jeep Cherokee Is Convenient and Safe

Ideally, you want to be the only one who can get into your Jeep Cherokee, not anyone else without your approval. To this end, this compact crossover SUV has a standard safety feature that provides basic security, as well as an upper-level upgrade to bolster it.

Every Jeep Cherokee trim has remote keyless entry, which unlocks the Cherokee when your key fob is with you, or at least in close proximity. You do not need to push any buttons or even remove the fob from your pocket or purse. The key fob also features a panic alarm to sound the horn and flash the lights from a distance; anyone without that key fob that touches your SUV will set off the alarm to alert you.

Upgrade beyond the base-level Latitude, and the remote keyless entry system is upgraded to Keyless Enter ‘n Go. With this upgrade, you can unlock the Jeep Cherokee by grabbing one of the door handles or trunk button with the key fob on you.

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